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Freestyle concert pianist, music producer and creator of the “Modclass” movement.
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Reuel’s training in classical piano, film composition and pop production has allowed for the development of performances that focus completely on a genre-merging musical experience.  Attending fans have come to expect unique combinations of contrasting styles in every show that surpass musical boundaries and reflect the emerging “Modclass” movement. 

Lately, Reuel has continually expanded his abilities with further training in new instruments, electronic production, and vocal instruction.  This desire to push the boundaries of every performance is something that sets him apart from artists who only settle for one genre or musical skill set.  From his solo piano concerts at Austin’s Four Seasons Hotel to large-scale electronic piano performances at Riverbend Centre, Reuel’s biggest wish is to inspire fans to accept any genre and always be open to new combinations of technology and music.


Titanium Piano Remix by Reuel

Reuel the Musician

Reuel has performed his original modern classical piano works across the United States.  His continually expanding ability to combine classical and modern genres has helped introduce younger audiences to classical works, an education further facilitated by his educational music iPhone App, TuneHopper.

Despite his prodigious natural talent, Reuel passionately works to improve his music and performances and often incorporates dramatic light shows and narratives into his work.  Such a flair for the spectacular has resulted in a constant demand for live performances.  Please click this LINK for recent videos from his 2013 show at Riverbend Centre, Austin.



Piano Compositions by Reuel