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  1. Reuel at The Bayou Music Center

    Classical Virtuoso Performing at The Bayou Music Center Those in attendance on Saturday April 14 at The Bayou Music Center (formerly known as The Verizon Theater) were already energized by veteran spin master J.D. Arnold when the 24 year old “mod-class” pianist who goes by the single name of Réuel took the stage. Playing a custom piano the young virtuoso masterfully improvised over the host...
  2. Reuel Fiat Sponsorship

    Reuel was one of only three Fiat Sponsored Artists earlier this year during 2012.  He promoted such cars as the custom Fiat Gucci 500 at his shows.  Visit for more info on these great cars!
  3. Culture Map Article

    The gals swooned over that Hollywood cutie Wes Brown.  The guys couldn’t take their eyes off of Miss Texas USA 2012 Brittany Booker.  Everyone was swayed by the talents of concert pianist Reuel Meditz, who had his grand piano wheeled into Saks Fifth Avenue for the “Karen Steele Red Carpet” evening benefiting The Rose Ribbon Foundation. Read more below… ARTICLE LINK:

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